Quality Matters
When choosing a caregiver for the most important people in your life, caregiver quality is essential.

Often, seniors in need of caregiving services are in a particularly vulnerable time of their life. Perhaps they find it difficult to think clearly. Or they might feel an overwhelming need for a caring friend making them susceptible to manipulation. 

The right caregiver can be enormously helpful – providing the living assistance necessary to remain independent while giving the emotional and spiritual support that only comes from a dear friend.

But the wrong caregiver can be enormously harmful. Senior exploitation, while still relatively uncommon, does occur. A caregiver lacking moral values can take advantage of a senior causing both financial and emotional damage. Criminal background checks are helpful and most agencies – including Christian Companion Senior Care – utilize them. Yet these checks cannot provide any assurance of what a person might do in the future. We often hear about caregivers who have caused terrible heartache in families who come to us for help. 

So how does Christian Companion Senior Care ensure that we hire the kind of caregivers you would want in your home?

First, Christian Companion Senior Care understands that caregiver character and quality is paramount. We will never hire a caregiver simply because we need to place someone in a home.

Second, our hiring process is unique in the home care industry. We are legally structured to hire only Christian caregivers. Since practicing their faith is part of the job, it is a “bona fide occupational qualification” (BFOQ). In addition to thorough background checks, our caregiver screening process includes an industry exclusive essay section that helps us explore a caregiver’s Christian experience and faith. Our caregivers are well trained to provide the physical care you need to comfortably remain in your own home. They also practice their faith every day by quietly loving you, helping you, praying for you and gently comforting you when you’re stressed or worried. Our reputation for quality caregivers is unsurpassed.

Many agencies cost more than Christian Companion Senior Care. A few cost less. When you add up the difference between high and low quality care, the amount is remarkably insignificant. So how important is caregiver quality to you? How much is peace of mind worth knowing your loved one is being cared for by an exceptionally well-qualified caregiver that you trust?